What to do in the case of a medical emergency

In the case of a serious medical emergency, au pairs should go directly to the nearest emergency room.

Please also be sure to contact:

  • Cultural Care Au Pair at 1-800-333-6056. It is critical that you inform Cultural Care Au Pair right away so that we are able to provide the appropriate resources, guidance and support to all involved. Insurance is often involved, so it is important that we get in touch with them quickly.  
  • The appropriate emergency assistance company
    • For Swedish, Danish and Finnish au pairs: Falck Global Assistance at 1-800-871-9211
    • For Italian au pairs: Inter Partner Assistance S.A. at 1-800-472-6705
    • For all other nationalities: AXA Assistance at 1-800-847-3948

These assistance companies are open 24 hours per day, 7 days per week to assist with emergency situations.


Wednesday, 3 May 2017 3:52 PM


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